BODYWORKS - Flexibilty Therapy. Massage & Fitness Writing

BJ Dowlen Founder and President of Bodyworks Enterprises, LLC, an elite sports writing and sports performance group, founded in 1999, consisting of the leading sports "Ghost" writers, fascial flexibility stretch therapists, sports massage therapists, conditioning trainers, sports event planners and overall sports performance professionals in NJ, NY, PA, CA, FL, MO, Chicago and Baltimore.

BJ started her career as an entry level employee in a small exporting company. Seven years after joining the company she was offered a partnership, where she helped take the small exporting company to the highest level, where it was consistently one of the Top 50 Exporting companies in the United States (U.S. Journal of Commerce registered stats), four years later she and her 3 partners sold the multi million dollar company, to a billion dollar global company, where she remained employed under contract. During this time BJ was put in charge of creating all global policies and employment practices policies for the multi cultural, multi national global company.  To stay current on global employment practices and policies BJ attended Cornell University, where she earned her advanced accreditation in Strategic Human Resource Management.  As an active member of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), BJ continues to stay current on global policies by attending classes at Harvard University.  During her tenure as Vice President, Head of H.R. and Corporate Compliance Officer, BJ created all the global policies such as:  Employee Handbooks, At Will Hiring Agreements, Anti Harassment Policies, Separation Agreements. She created the first Code of Conduct, Foreign Corrupt Training Practices Act, Anti-Bribery/Anti-Trust Policies and began the first formal Mentoring Programs.

BJ started branching out doing H.R. and Compliance consulting for small companies, where she provided Employee Handbooks and annual audits to make sure all required employment postings were current. BJ's first passion was, and still is in working with athletes.  In 1999, BJ went back to school at night to study massage therapy, and she quickly became a favorite sports performance therapist for her elite athletes. At the same time, BJ dedicated her personal time to charity work, where she helped with fitness event planning for her athletes. Doing bodywork on athletes and charity event work with athletes, there was a common thread with her up and coming athletes, not enough time to get everything done.  BJ was able to combine her love of sports performance, with her talent for writing and event planning, and the rest as they say, is history.

Today, the company has grown to include the top professionals in ghost writing, sports performance and sports event planning.