BODYWORKS - Flexibilty Therapy. Massage & Fitness Writing


Our "Ghost" Writing Services include:  Books, ebooks, blogs, magazine articles, Tweets, Facebook postings, email newsletters and weekly columns.

Our Bodyworks Services include: Sports Massage Therapy, Fascial Flexibility Stretch Therapy, Pre & Post event bodywork.

Our Event Planning Services include: Sports Fitness Events, Charity Events and Fundraisers (golf outings, bowling, meet and greets, gift auctions).

Our "Active" Teaching Services include: Proper Stretching, Full warm-ups prior to fitness events for kids and adults.

Our H.R. Consulting Services include: Employee Handbooks, At Will Hire Agreements, Code of Conducts, Mission Statements, Agency Agreements, Mentoring Programs, Separation Agreements, Anti Harassment Policies, Compliance and Hiring Policies.

Our Coaching/Career Enhancement Services include: product development - from idea to design, to manufacturing, to Trademark, to Patent Guidance on how to set up online services and how to get the most out of every opportunity.